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Hospitality Idea For Hosting Overnight Guests

17 November 2016 by

The holidays are fast approaching.  The holidays are a great time to spend with families and friends.  Many of us, especially living in the military, live in different states from our loved ones.  That means we are often traveling to visit one another.  

Our guest blogger, Erica owner of the Blog Whimsical September writes a wonderful post on making our guests feel welcome and loved while visiting.  

I love this idea and I am wonderful why I never thought of this myself.  It's a great tip just in time for the holidays.  I'll be sure to do this while we are hosting out of town guests this year!

Hospitality Idea For Hosting Overnight Guests

by Erica, owner of the Blog Whimsical September

When we visited my sister’s family in Florida a few months ago, she had a bundt cake sitting on the kitchen counter that was always available to us. There was usually a clean knife and cake plates nearby, and we enjoyed cutting ourselves a sliver here and there when we we wanted a snack between meals. I commented to her about what a nice idea it was to have a cake available to us, and she said that she had gotten into the habit of picking up an easy store-bought version during her last grocery trip before visitors arrived.

As someone who really enjoys hosting guests, I thought this was a genius idea. Because she’s my sister, I would have felt totally comfortable rummaging through her panty if I wanted a snack, but I loved that there was a simple option available to all of us that was on the counter intentionally for guests.

READ THE ENTIRE POST HERE!  Yes....there are recipe ideas too!

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