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20 Tips – How to Be a Good Tenant -While Protecting Yourself

22 June 2016 by

Our partners at Virginia Beach Law Group are a veteran owned practice who understands the unique life style of the military community.  By that, I mean the frequent military moves.  Military members and families have a couple choices when it comes to PCSing to a new military community and finding another place to call home.  One can either choose to buy a home, rent a home, rent an apartment, or military housing.  

When it comes to renting you will be faced with a NEW landlord situation everytime.  As the article mentions, you maybe will work with a property management company or a mom and pop landlord.  Whatever the case may be, it is EXTREMELY important to educate yourself on rental contracts and make sure YOU are PROTECTED.

One of the most important tips that I read in this article:

Read your lease before you sign it.

Any time someone hands you a piece of paper to sign, it is for them, not for you.  Repeat that using your inside voice a few times. “It’s for them, not for me.” 

This is a very important tip.  Just because someone hands you a formal contract to sign, don't assume that it is to protect you.  Read through it, find out where they got the contract, and consider having an attorney review it.  Educate yourself and make sure YOU are protected in the lease.  

To read the entire blog post and 20 tips to being a better tenant click below.  Please help SHARE this with fellow military members you may know looking to rent a property.  It may help any legal headaches down the road.

20 Tips – How to Be a Good Tenant


For those of you residing in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area Virginia Beach Law Group offers “Free” consults  to military for all types of matters  ($150 value). They also offers a 20% military discount off attorney’s hourly rate and flat free agreements.

Consider having Virginia Beach Law Group review your rental contract before signing, make sure you are protected before getting into a bad tenant-renter situation.

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