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From the Archives: Give resolutions a shot by Guest Blogger The Meat and Potatoes of Life

1 January 2017 by

I just love this guest post from The Meat and Potatoes of Life.  It is just what I needed to read today, New Year's Day. This post sums up exactly how I feel every holiday season.  The sadness of a holiday season gone to soon. I am missing the short time spent with family from out of town, the guiltless snacking (I would always say, "But It's the Holidays"), staying up way to late but sleeping in so it didn't matter, pj's until noon....it's just perfect.  

But, now it's over and the New Year is here.  Time to get serious, make goals, get back to the routine of life!  

Thank you Lisa for this fantastic post, it is JUST what I NEEDED today :)

From the Archives: Give resolutions a shot

When the holiday is over, the presents have been put away, and the leftover roast has been made into soup, there’s a part of me that just wants to savor it all. To snuggle up on the couch with the kids in my new pjs, nibbling from the tin of stale Christmas cookies, basking in the glow of the dying Christmas tree, watching movie marathons until my eyeballs bleed.

These days, there’s so much hustle and bustle associated with the holidays, it’s nice to linger a while. Let it all sink in. Take a moment to stop and appreciate the richness of our military life, our families, and our traditions, before another hectic year is in full swing.


About Guest Blogger Lisa Smith Molinari, Owner of The Meat and Potatoes of Life

Lisa Smith Molinari is an award-winning syndicated columnist, author, blogger and speaker who came about this business in a weird sort of way….

Lisa grew up in a small town in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania, where life is more about high school football and hunting season than corporate takeovers and cultural events.  Being somewhat chunky and insecure, Lisa thrived in the manageable environment of her little hometown, attaining some social status in high school as evidenced by her election to the position of Class Clown in 1984.

Although Lisa intended to shake the dust of her small town off her shoes and go to college, she ended up at Miami University in Oxford, OH, an even smaller town.  Worse, she discovered that her hard-earned bachelor’s degree really only qualified her for entry-level sales positions (a plumbing supply company offered her a job selling urinal screens and tank bulbs.) So, she did the only reasonable thing: she went to law school.

After earning a coveted spot on the Law Review and graduating cum laude, Lisa was on top of the world, envisioning a future that included promotions and partnerships. What she didn’t know was that she would fall in love with a military man,  have a bunch of kids, move all over the world, and neglect her legal career to manage their hectic military life.

One winter, while her husband was deployed to Africa for a year, Lisa began jotting down her observations as a way of coping with the chaos of handling the three kids, the dog, and the household alone. Before she knew it, one of her essays got published in The Washington Post, and the rest is pretty much history.

Twenty-three years in, Lisa is still attempting to manage her family.  She does manage, however, to publish her weekly column, “The Meat & Potatoes of Life” in military and civilian newspapers, including Stars and Stripes, the newspaper for the US Armed Forces at home and abroad. Lisa and her family are currently stationed at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. Learn more

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