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Recipe for Love: A Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu

13 February 2017 by

SpouseLink.Org |

Here’s the good news: There’s still time to shop for gifts and groceries for your Valentine! Here’s the other good news: Even if you’re not with the one you love on Valentine’s Day, you can still create a delicious meal celebrating your love for each other, and enjoy it with friends and family. And we’re about to make it a whole lot easier for you.

We’ve compiled the elements of a perfectly romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for you. All of the recipes below have been adapted from the Military Spouses who contributed to the Belvoir Officers’ Wives Cookbook (2001-2002) Soaring to New Heights, printed by Cookbooks by Morris Press. Note: You may need to adjust the recipes for the size of the meal you are making (family vs. dinner for two).

Are you vegetarian or vegan? We’ve got your heart (body and soul) in mind, too! Simply substitute the beef tenderloin with one of these meatless “steak” entrees instead.

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