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Featured Military Spouse Blogger: WhimsicalSeptember.com

1 March 2017 by

Military Bloggers We Love

We love sharing our fellow military bloggers.  Bloggers are such a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of military life.  Bloggers are a great resource for learning tips about PCSing, Deployment, Health & Wellness, Raising Military Kiddos, and Lifestyle Blogs.  We love their insight and passion for helping others by sharing their stories.

MB will be featuring Military Spouse Bloggers twice a month in effort to highlight their blog and topics shared.

Our first Feature goes out to Whimsical September-A Family & Lifestyle Blog .  

Please take a minute to get to know Erica and her blog.  Give her a follow, you'll love her stories!

About Erica & the Title

About Erica: Erica is a mom to two little girls and a super proud Army wife. She can't get enough of birthday cake ice cream, weekend sunrise runs, or making her girls belly laugh. She writes almost daily about her family's lives, and though she likes to keep things light, she also shares the messy parts too. Welcome! So glad to have you around. 

Welcome! I’m Erica and I’m thrilled that you’re here! This blog has been one of my favorite projects for years, and I adore coming to this space to share stories about the people and the things that inspire me. This site has had several names but was rebranded under Whimsical September in 2014. You can read about the title here. It’s a good story!

Whimsical September is a lifestyle blog, which basically means this site serves as a window to my family’s every day lives and I’m actually opening the blinds for you to take a peek inside!

If you start reading my blog today and pop back in frequently, I can guarantee you’ll read posts about our home improvements, a quick weekend getaway, a few new mealtime recipes, a social gathering we attended, military happenings, a Stitch Fix review, parenting and marriage adventures, and more. I try to keep things light and positive around here, so I hope you’ll stick around. My hope is that my readers find inspiration from my site that they can apply to their own lives that results in positive, stress-eliminating decisions.

I originally started blogging after my sophomore year of college when my now-husband Jamie and I were just three months into our long-distance relationship. This site has served as a record keeper for nearly all of the biggest events in my adult life – our graduations (West Point/UofA),engagement, wedding, our daughter’s birth, three deployments (each 8+ months long), three moves, domestic and international travel, my career changes, and so many little and big moments in  between. If there’s a story to tell, you can bet I’m here sharing it.

A little bit more about Erica...READ MORE


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