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**Military Spouse Blogger Spotlight** ANTICS OF A NUTTY HIKER & MILITARY SPOUSE

18 April 2017 by

Military Bloggers We Love

We love sharing our fellow military bloggers.  Bloggers are such a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of military life.  Milspo Bloggers are a great resource for learning tips about PCSing, Deployment, Health & Wellness, Raising Military Kiddos, and Lifestyle Blogs.  We love their insight and passion for helping others by sharing their stories.

MB will be featuring Military Spouse Bloggers every week in effort to highlight their blog and topics shared.

This week's feature goes out to ANTICS OF A NUTTY HIKER & MILITARY SPOUSE.

Please take a minute to get to know Bridget - military wife, mom of 4, pro photographer, journalist, freelance writer, and an avid hiker. Give her a follow, you'll love her stories!


I was born in Dallas, Texas several decades ago to 2 hippies (not really, they just grew up in the 70’s, so that’s what I call them). I married into the Military fresh into adulthood and have lived up and down the east coast.

Thankfully the Army sent us back to my home state and my husband Jerry will retire here. After 17 years and surviving 7 deployments, I am finally home for good, after almost a decade of being gone.

I have 4 awesome, super crazy, kiddos who range in age from 13-21 and 3 fur babies that produce enough fur daily to make another dog.

I am the author of Dear Military Spouse, an advice column that I retired a couple of years ago that is now being published once again in my local paper as well as my Nutty Hiker column. I was also the National Military Marriage Examiner for Examiner.com for several years.

Currently, I am the Editor for our local newspaper (my guilty pleasure is still being a journalist as well) as well as a professional photographer and writer.

When I am not hiking or writing I spend a lot of my time volunteering as the department secretary / photographer for our local volunteer fire department in Nolanville. 

I love seafood, country music, classic rock, huntin’, muddin’, camping, target shooting (I own more guns than most men), the Dallas Cowboys, and of course hiking!

Why the name Nutty Hiker?
Nutty Hiker is my trail name that was given to me due to my antics and tall tales that I share after a hike on the trails. You can find some of those antics and stories on my blog.

Let’s Chat!
I absolutely love making new friends! You will find that my blog topics include a wide range of subjects. The main subject I talk about of course is hiking, however, I also talk about parenting, travel, crafts, DIY, as well as what it is like being married to a soldier with PTSD and just military life in general.

Love reading? So do I! In fact, you will also find reviews on current and past books I have read.

Or maybe you love to travel! We do as well and travel as often as we can, whether it’s an hour down the road or a 5000+ mile road trip up and down the western United States!

What You'll Find on The Nutty Hiker

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