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Major Changes Coming May 1, 2017 To The Tricare Dental Program-We Need Your Recommendations/Reviews For UC Dentists!

6 April 2017 by

Major changes are coming to the Tricare Dental Program effective May 1, 2017, United Concordia will assume responsibility for administering the TRICARE Dental Program, replacing the outgoing dental contractor, MetLife. You can enroll for dental coverage now through the Beneficiary Web Enrollment website. (Via tricare.mil)

Why is this causing a major concern for military members & families?  The article link at the bottom of this page does a fantastic job of explaining what is happening and why dentists are choosing to opt out of United Concordia.  Frankly, I don't blame them one bit.  I have spoken with several dental practices that love serving the military community and have for years.  For the first time, dental practices are faced with the decision to no longer serve the clientele that they are honored to serve.  Why? because reimbursement is going down a lot.  For many common procedures that dentists perform reimbursement the insurance company is going to give will make it difficult to break even.

This makes it very difficult for dental practices that are in large military communities with military being the bulk of their clientele to continue under the United Concordia plan.  The practices I have spoken with are heartbroken over this but they also run a business so the tough decision has to be made.

The trickledown effect could potentially mean there will be fewer Tricare dentists in the United Concordia plan.  However, there is a catch with that which you will read in the article below.  

What can we do if we are upset about the new dental plan and losing our dentist due to the low reimbursement? Contact your congressmen or anyone who you believe will listen and do something about your concerns.  This change to United Concordia is going to have huge implications on the military community.  Many will be left with trying to find a new provider.  Further, the better coverage we are supposed to have could really end up costing the military community more in the end. 

What't Covered?  TRICARE Dental Program United Concordia Website


We have already seen many military families concerned that their dentist has decided to opt out of UC left with trying to find a new provider.  

Many military members & families are going to be left scrambling trying to find a new dentist when this new coverage takes effect May 1st, 2017.  We ask that you please take a minute and share your recommendation of any United Concordia Dentist in your military community.  This will be beyond helpful for fellow military members & families looking for a new quality dentist in their area.

-It just takes a second to give your recommendation of a Dentist and leave your Review of them.....good or bad the military community needs your help!

To Recommend/Review a Dentist please register with email and password to keep authenticity of our reviews.

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Take a minute and give this article a read.  Amy does a fantastic job explaining what is going on with all these changes and how it may affect the military community.

Fewer TRICARE dentists? What you need to know

By Amy Bushatz, Military.com and Spousebuzz.com

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