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The GIANT list of MilSpouse Bloggers (100+ Blogs to Support!)

24 August 2017 by
I’m a big supporter of the military community (in case you haven’t noticed) 😉.  In college, my dorm was filled with the best Army girlfriends as my BFFs, thanks to my proximity to Fort Drum (yes, I survived years of those winters and don’t wish them upon anyone!).

As I graduated, my closest friends in every city I moved to were military spouses (you can’t have a better friend than a milspouse!).  So, when my career became revolved around assisting military community business owners and companies with their marketing and social media (get your free guide to social media for the military community entrepreneur here!), I had no doubt in my mind that I would support the military spouse community I love.

In doing so, I want to introduce you to a list of military spouse bloggers I’m tracking (errr…I mean follow).  In the spirit of supporting our military community, show them a little love on their social media pages and blogs!

Want to learn how to work with military spouse bloggers who WANT to collaborate with you?  Download my free guide to PR-Friendly bloggers!

If you’re not on the list or know someone who should be, give me a buzz with your website and full social media links.  I will add them to the list!  Note that by submitting the contact form, you will receive future email updates about The Military Social Media Guru.  Don’t worry, we promise not to spam you! Get Added to the list!
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