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New eBook Resource For Military Families - Talk To The Teacher, Helping Parents Make The Best Of The Parent-Teacher Relationship

19 September 2017 by

We are proud to share the launch of Talk to the Teacher, a new ebook by our friend Meg Flanagan, the founder of MilKids Ed.  

Meg understands the struggles that military families often face when moving to new communities and schools every couple of years.  She wanted to create this resource to help families achieve their best at every new duty station.

What parents need to know when they talk to their child’s teacher

New e-book is a resource for every school situation

Military families move every 2.5 years on average. Every 2-3 years, military families walk into brand new schools across the world. This can lead to tough situations at school, especially because military families have no “history” to fall back on.

Establishing a great parent-teacher relationship is vital to school success. Talk to the Teacher can help parents build amazing home/school teams and improve their child’s education.

Talk to the Teacher, a new e-book by Meg Flanagan, M.Ed., is a resource to help parents make the most of every interaction with teachers—from the first meet-and-greet to communications about grades, behavior, and special needs.

Talk to the Teacher will be available for Kindle beginning September 17, 2017.

Meg Flanagan is the founder of MilKids Ed, an education blog and advocacy resource for families with school age children. Meg earned an M.Ed in Special Education and a BS in Elementary Education from Bridgewater State University. She is currently certified in Massachusetts and Virginia. Meg has worked in education as a teacher, special educator, tutor, advocate, and now as a parent.  As a classroom teacher and an educational consultant, she’s been on the front lines of countless parent-teacher interactions—and knows what works most effectively.

The goal of every meeting, Flanagan believes, is to “get what your child needs” but also to “keep the teacher on your side.” To that end, Talk to the Teacher is filled with step-by-step guides: preparing for a meeting, following up after a meeting, and recording goals and outcomes. Flanagan walks parents through specific situations—special needs, behavior issues, bullying—that require cool heads just when emotions might be running high. Conversation prompts, sample emails, and phone call scripts make Talk to the Teacher a practical resource that’s easy to use.

"As a mom to a 1st, 5th, and 6th grader this year, I can say that this is a must read for any parent with children in school! I loved it! This book explores all types of school situations that can come up and how to communicate with the teacher and school staff when they do. As a mom of special needs children, I really appreciate the sections about what you should do when the school is not following the IEP and what to bring up at an IEP meeting. I know this book is going to be so helpful for us as we start a new school year!"

~Julie P., Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life

"Talk to the Teacher" is a valuable resource for any parent looking to advocate for their child's education with confidence. When my son started kindergarten last year, I wanted to work closely with his teacher as an ally, but I wasn’t sure how to go about establishing the relationship from the get go. The e-book not only acts as a guide to communicating effectively and respectfully with your child’s educators in emails, phone calls, and face-to-face conferences, it also provides practical resources, including helpful scripts and printable record and planning worksheets, to help you when you feel intimidated, out-of-the-loop or just plain stuck. I am going to recommend this book to all of my friends with kids starting school this year. When parents and teachers work together as a team, it only benefits our children’s educational experience; “Talk to the Teacher” shows you how to do exactly that.

~Courtney W., Courtney at Home

You can purchase the book on Amazon and at MilKidsEd.com beginning September 17, 2017. Talk to the Teacher is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

There will be a brief promotional period starting 9/17/2017 and extending through 10/17/2017.

  • Through 9/23/2017: Talk to the Teacher will be priced at $0.99 and the first 10 customers will also receive a complimentary Solution Session to solve one school-based problem with Meg. All customers will receive a complimentary mini course with three training videos, printable worksheets, info sheets, and checklists.
  • Through 10/17/2017: Talk to the Teacher will be priced at $14.97 and all purchasers will receive the mini course featuring three training videos, printable worksheets, info sheets, and checklists.
  • After 10/17/2017: Talk to the Teacher will be priced at $14.97 and all purchasers will receive the printable worksheets, info sheets, and checklists.

MilKids Ed is an education blog and advocacy service for families on the K-12 journey.

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