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Why Every Military Family Should Have a School PCS Binder

25 February 2018 by

Why Every Military Family Should Have a School PCS Binder

You probably already have one or two or a billion PCS binders kicking around your house. Somewhere. But did you know you should have a school PCS binder too?

Instead of throwing even more papers into your already overcrowded PCS binder, make mini-binders to handle only the school stuff.

Why Every Military Family Should Have a School PCS Binder

First things first, you need a few things to make a school PCS binder:

  • 1″ three ring binders with hard plastic covers and pockets (get a bigger binder if your child has extra education plans or medical concerns)
  • folder with pockets and/or butterfly document holders
  • 3-hole punch
  • Stress Free PCS printables (they’re free!)
  • Plastic sheet protectors
  • Divider inserts
  • Pens, pencils, markers…something to write with that makes sense to you

Set Up Your Binder

First, print off the free worksheets and label pages from the Stress Free PCS Challenge Group. It’s free to join and runs February 19 to 24, 2018!

Then punch holes on the left side of each main section page. These will help guide you to placing all your documents in the correct places inside of the school PCS binder.

You could paste or glue the section pages right on to the dividers, but you don’t have to. Another option is to use the tiny label inserts that came with the dividers to label those, then put your section label pages right behind their matching divider.

Set the sections up in this order:

  1. Essential Student Info: name/vital stats on the Parent Info Page from the Ultimate School Success Kit, birth certificate, SSN, custody paperwork, adoption records, etc.
  2. Medical: allergy, vaccine, health plans
  3. Enrollment: printed copies of the PDF enrollment forms
  4. Special Education: IEP, related tests, progress reports, legal findings (leave this out if it doesn’t apply to you)

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