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Hampton Roads Military: Looking for a Private School in Hampton Roads? Check out Trinity Lutheran in Newport News at their upcoming OPEN HOUSES

5 February 2018 by

When moving to a new military community, finding a quality school can sometimes pose a challenge.  There are often new curriculums, different ways of teaching, different budgets and so on.  Many military families have turned to private schools when moving to new military communities to streamline the process. 

Trinity Lutheran School located in Newport News, Virginia is our featured school of the week with a lot to offer.  Learn more about their curriculum, sports, mission and upcoming open house below.


Overlooking the James River in the Huntington Heights Historic District of Newport News, Trinity Lutheran School is a socially, economically, and racially diverse co-educational day school serving students ages three through grade 8.

A Trinity education emphasizes the lifelong learning process, the development of the whole child, and the growth of worldwide intercultural awareness and understanding, all within the framework provided by a values-based moral compass.

Trinity Lutheran School is proud of their Accreditations, Affiliations, and Accolades to include being selected as a Hampton Roads Magazine's "Best of The 757" winner.

Trinity Lutheran School has received a Daily Press Readers’ Choice Award for Private Schools.he categories of “Best Private School” and “Best Child Development Center (Preschool)” Trinity Lutheran School is affiliated with Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Trinity Lutheran Preschool Program:

Through the Preschool Partners of the Virginia Peninsula, Trinity Lutheran Preschool has earned a 4-Star rating from the Virginia Star Quality Initiative. The Virginia Star Quality Initiative defines standards for early childhood education and creates a framework for accountability. 

Learn more about TuitionThree-Year-Old Program , Four-Year-Old Program, Classroom Activities, Student Evaluation, and Facilities HERE!


The Lower School is comprised of grades kindergarten through fifth.  The development of the essential skills for academic excellence is the foundation of the curriculum in the formative elementary grades. 

Learn more about the Lower School Resources, Athletics, Student Evaluation, and Chapel here.


Trinity’s Upper School is comprised of grades six through eight, commonly known as the middle school years. An exciting transition period for these students, Trinity Lutheran School’s middle school offers a curriculum designed to prepare students for continued academic success in private and public secondary schools in a nurturing Christian environment. Students acquire a strong base of knowledge across the curriculum. They use critical thinking, analysis, and appropriate problem solving techniques. Students communicate effectively in both oral and written expression, using insight, reason, and technical proficiency; they read, understand and interpret information from a variety of sources, regardless of medium.

Students are encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively in order to complete tasks in a timely manner. They use technology to find, sort, and select data, to create, revise and present written and graphic documents, and to analyze and process numerical data. Students develop positive personal attitudes and experience a variety of physical activities for lifelong wellness. They demonstrate awareness and sensitivity to those of other cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Middle school students move toward increased independence.  The Middle School Program is designed to help students set and achieve meaningful goals, keep track of their assignments, and study independently.  This is further reflected in their daily routines and expectations. The middle school program provides students with opportunities to explore and expand interests and talents, with organized sports teams, outdoor programs, and other extra-curricular opportunities. Students in the Upper School are expected to follow the Trinity dress code.

Learn more about Student Activities, Athletics, and Chapel here.

VISIT TRINITY LUTHERAN SCHOOL and find out more about our school.  Welcoming visitors gives us the opportunity share what is so special about Trinity Lutheran School. You are invited to drop in anytime during the school day to tour the school, or for an appointment to meet with our Head of School, please call our main office at (757) 245-2576.

You can also schedule a visit, request an admission packet, learn about scholarship opportunities, and find out about tuition here


Learn more about Trinity Lutheran School and share your reviews on MIlitaryBridge!

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