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My Pre-Deployment Checklist: 15 Must Do’s

7 February 2018 by

We were racing around the house, tearing through drawers and ripping clothes off hangers. This deployment provided the least amount of heads up we had received yet; less than twenty-four hours and he was leaving. There was a lot of stress and a lot of holding back tears, but it was a huge relief to know that since this wasn’t our first rodeo, we were at least prepared.

The Real Problem…

Once he leaves, communication is not guaranteed. Even though wifi has become more and more common wherever someone goes, there is still no telling when I might actually hear from him. Therefore, I want passwords, copies of documents, and everything else taken care of before he gets on that plane. I have friends whose spouses travel often and for long periods of time for their jobs as well. While this list does include some military specific to do’s, most apply to anyone who has to face separation for longer than a few days.

15 Must Do’s Before They Head Out


Having a PoA is especially important if your spouse is leaving during tax season (my hand is raised)! Even if you do not foresee having to sign your spouse’s name in the near future, better safe than frustratingly sorry. If you had one done in the past, check the dates to make sure it is still valid! Having wills made is not the happiest thing to think about, but again, having it does create a sense of security.


This was one that my sister-in-law mentioned to me, and I am glad she did. When I went in to do my taxes sans Danny, they asked for his orders right along with the PoA. You never know when you might need to prove that they are deployed. Have your spouse make you a copy of their orders.

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