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The D Word.......Also Known As Deployment

7 February 2018 by

The time has come yet again…deployment. That word invokes a number of emotions in me, all mixing together to make my stomach queasy. Just writing this is making me feel uncomfortable because I know it’s right around the corner. I hate this part.

Our very first “Welcome Home”

This will be Danny’s fourth deployment since we have been together. They have truly become a normal part of life for us. I have even figured out his “tell” when he has gotten orders; he always says “We need to talk about something and I don’t want you to get upset.” He is super smooth, right? I don’t even ask what it could be anymore, I just ask “When?” That’s the most important piece of information in my little world at that exact moment. I need to know how much time we have together before he gets on a plane.

I learned after his first deployment that I can give myself just a few minutes to embrace that panicky feeling and cry a little. Just a few minutes. Then I start planning. I believe that when we are faced with this situation, our mutual goal has to be making every moment count. Our weekends are even more valuable than usual. I work harder to leave all grading at school so that I am not bringing work home. We leave the television off more so that we can hang out and play with Viv. Our little family adventures to the aquarium or zoo hold just a little bit more importance because it is still all of us. For this deployment, my phone has become overloaded with pictures of Danny and Viv together.

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