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Nixplay Launches New Smart Photo Frame Product Line--Helping Military Families Keep Connected

2 September 2019 by

As a military family of 19 years, I can honestly say one of our biggest challenges of military life has been the distance from family.  It has been difficult to live miles apart from grandparents, siblings and long-time friends.  We try our best to keep in touch with loved ones through frequent phone calls and social media updates but not all of our family is on social media which makes sharing important moments a little more challenging.

Along comes Nixplay--I first learned of Nixplay a couple years back.  I was talking to my sister about holiday gift ideas for our parents.  Our family is spread out in multiple states, across the entire country making Nixplay an invaluable tool for keeping our family connected to everyday life moments through pictures and videos.  I had remembered seeing people have these cool digital picture frames flashing back years of memories on their bookshelves but had no idea of the technological advances that have been made to stream the pictures and immediately share the experience with others.

Since the purchase of the Nixplay for our parents, we quickly learned these Wi-Fi frames work even better when everyone has one.  It allows for all of us to share our personal pictures and/or videos with our family & friends.  We have since purchased a Nixplay for our entire family on both sides.  It has been an awesome way for us to keep in touch with family.  There is nothing better than walking by my Nixplay to see a new photo shared from my sister or to catch an old memory from our first family vacation.  It always puts a smile on my face. 

I'm very passionate about Nixplay and what it has done for our family.  Therefore, when I got the opportunity to share my honest review of their latest and greatest new product line, I was ecstatic to jump on board, so let's dive in. 

The Nixplay Story

There are so many things that I personally love about Nixplay, but if I were to pick one word to sum up their products it would be, "connectivity".  Nixplay offers connectivity for families, no matter how far the distance.  This is exactly the premise behind the Nixplay story, he nailed it!

(Sourced from Nixplay About Us)

George Burns famously said that happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family. In another city. Whether you agree or disagree, today’s reality is that many loving, caring, close-knit families are living in separate cities, states, countries or continents. It’s this reality that drove our founder and CEO Mark Palfreeman to create Nixplay - a means for families to stay connected, privately, wherever they may be.

Being a dad of two, with family spread around the world, Mark saw a need, not only in his own family, but in others, too. Far-away grandparents who long for daily news of their grandkids. Newlyweds wanting to share their new lives with families far away. College kids who want the comfort of staying in touch with home.

The memories we capture in our photos and videos are a large part of what make us human. But today’s very public, insecure and sometimes abused social sharing channels can leave these memories exposed in ways they should not be. There’s a better way.

The New Product Line--Nixplay Smart Photo Frame (W10E)

As mentioned above, Nixplay is passionate about design and functionality. They definitely had this in mind with the launch of the new Smart Photo Frame product line. I am reviewing the model W10E with 2K Ultra. Nixplay has also launched the W10F with HD along with more frames to follow within this product line.

Here are the details

  • The frame comes with two options--Wall Mount or Freestanding - Portrait or Landscape: the choice is yours. Magnetic remote included
  • 2K Ultra Picture Quality - Ultra-high pixel density for maximum picture sharpness
  • Integrated Hu-Motion Sensor - Detects movement, turning your Smart Frame on and off automatically
  • Snap. Share. Display. Control - The Nixplay App: Your favorite memories, from phone to Smart Frame

My Thoughts

First Impressions 

I love the modern design.  It is obvious that the product is made with high quality materials.  The frame has a matte black finish with a nice size display (9.7 inches).  I like how I have the flexibility to either mount the frame or have it freestanding.   


The set-up was extremely user-friendly and fast.  The Nixplay fired up quickly once connected to our Wi-Fi.  The frame will walk you through the set-up steps.  There are not many steps so don't worry!  The first step is to download the Nixplay mobile app.  Second, you must set-up an account, unless you already have one.  Last step, add your photos and videos.  It is pretty simple, I didn't even need to pull out the manual.  

Photos & Videos

I love the flexibility and ease of adding photos to my Nixplay. You can grab your photos from several places very easily, such as Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, Verizon Cloud, or through your desktop albums or shared photos. It's very simple! The only learning curve that I experienced was when it came to setting up sharing with other frames. It's not complex, just took me a bit of time to figure out.

WOW is all I can say! I am completely taken back by the clarity of my photos and videos. The 2k Ultra picture quality is amazing. It honestly takes viewing my photos and videos to an entire new level. It is more expensive than the other Nixplay photo frames so it will depend on how important clarity of pictures and videos are to you.  

Final Thoughts

I am a big supporter of Nixplay and how it connects families near and far.  I currently have the Nixplay Seed and received this opportunity to review the Nixplay Smart Frame with 2K Ultra.  I do love my Nixplay Seed and what it achieves but I was truly blown away by the clarity of the new Nixplay W10E.  It was really amazing to see my photos and videos with such clarity. In my opinion, the Nixplay Smart Frame with 2K Ultra is worth the extra bucks it costs over the other frames. 

  • The 2K Ultra Clarity is incredible and worth every penny
  • User-Friendly & simple set-up
  • Easy to grab photos and videos from social media platforms and/or computer
  • Makes the perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, deployments, or just because
  • Great for connecting military families and friends with day to day photos and videos

The new Nixplay Smart Frame W10E and W10F has launched!  Grab yours today!  

Or, shop Nixplay on Amazon here!

Learn more about Nixplay--Watch the Nixplay Stay Close Video By Clicking the Image Below.

Disclosure: I received the Nixplay W10E to facilitate an honest review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are mine. 

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