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Ways to Celebrate Purple Up Day April 15th for Military Kiddos

14 April 2020 by



This year will be different than years past with social distancing and virtual learning.  But, we can still celebrate our brave and resilient military kids.  April 15th is designated Purple Up Day in HQ, Americas, Europe & Pacific.  However, purple up day may be celebrated on a different day surrounding April 15th dependant upon the school, installation, etc. 

Why Purple Up Day?  By wearing purple, it is a visible show of support for military kids nationwide.  The color purple symbolizes "joint" in the military world, meaning "all services." In the world of color, if you combine Army green, Air Force blue, Marine red, and Navy blue, you get purple.  Here are some ways in which we can virtually celebrate our Military Kiddos.

(1) Reach out to your school principal and ask that the send out a message for everyone to wear purple in their Zoom Class on April 15th (Or, select another designated day in April).  Teachers can also recognize military kids and families on this day with a special message. 

(2) Have your school principal send out a message via email or phone to all families recognizing military kids and families that attend the school.

(3) Share a picture or brief story of resilience of your military child(ren) on MilitaryBridge Facebook Page on April 15th.  We will celebrate all day long.

(4) Participate in Blue Star Families Month of the Military Child Spirit Week

(5) Tie purple balloons to your mailbox or somewhere in the front yard with a sign that says, " An Awesome Military Kid Lives Here, Honk to Show Your Support in Honor of Month of the Military Child."

(6) Participate in the Exchange's Celebration of Month of the Military Child 

(7) Do you live in a military community or neighborhood?  Set-up a drive by parade.....decorate the car or yourselves in purple.  Be sure to honk the horn, kids love that!

(8) Do something special as a family.  Make a nice dinner, watch your kiddos favorite movie and don't forget to wear purple all day long.  Tell your military kid(s) how proud you are of them.  Military life is challenging with frequent moves, making new friends, facing deployments, it's not easy.  Let them know how strong and resilient they are.

(9) Make a Tik Tok video with your Military Kiddos celebrating Purple Up Day.  All kids love Tik Tok!

(10) Take to social media and share a picture and/or story of your military kiddo on your social media page and ask friends to help you honor them this Month of the Military Child.  Use the hashtags #MonthoftheMilitaryChild #MilKidsRock #PurpleUp

(11) Visit Department of Defense Education Activity website to learn more about Month of the Military Child and other dates OCONUS for Purple Up Day.

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