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With the New Year coming up, there is no time like the present to “find yourself.” I lost myself. That's all I can say about the first 18 years of marriage to my sailor. I met my husband at 15, married at 17, kid at 20....sound familiar? In the process of "growing up" as a Navy wife, I grew into that role. I was never just "Becca!" I was Jesse's wife...then Christopher's mom, followed by Kimber's and Stephanie's mom. Where the hell was I in all this? Oh...I was my husband’s cheerleader. I was FRG president, PTO president, Ombudsman, etc. Almost everything I did or was- tied into the Navy some... read more

Last night my daughter and I sat on the couch searching for something to watch that wasn’t quite so “Christmasy”. My family is split up this holiday season with my husband being overseas. None of us are into the Christmas spirit. Usually, Christmas throws up at my house and all around me. I sprinkle Christmas spirit around me like glitter. I throw it up in the air and twirl around in it. I even roll in the floor in it sometimes. But…..not this year. I look down at my phone when I hear a Facebook alert. It might be my husband I thought. The message sucked the breath from my body. **ACTIVE SHOO... read more