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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Dory’s sing-songy voice plays in my head daily at the moment. It doesn’t help that Vivienne is going through a fish phase and screams “Dory, DORY!” constantly, while wielding her mini mop like a samurai sword around the living room. That little fish is on to something; it’s something that so many of us need: to stay busy. At the moment, all I need to do is move, move, move. She’s not messing around with that mop! It was a whirlwind departure this time around. We knew it was coming, but we expected more notice. Things are not exactly fair in this lifesty... read more

The time has come yet again…deployment. That word invokes a number of emotions in me, all mixing together to make my stomach queasy. Just writing this is making me feel uncomfortable because I know it’s right around the corner. I hate this part. Our very first “Welcome Home” This will be Danny’s fourth deployment since we have been together. They have truly become a normal part of life for us. I have even figured out his “tell” when he has gotten orders; he always says “We need to talk about something and I don’t want you to get upset.” He is super smooth, right? I don’t even ask what it coul... read more

We were racing around the house, tearing through drawers and ripping clothes off hangers. This deployment provided the least amount of heads up we had received yet; less than twenty-four hours and he was leaving. There was a lot of stress and a lot of holding back tears, but it was a huge relief to know that since this wasn’t our first rodeo, we were at least prepared. The Real Problem… Once he leaves, communication is not guaranteed. Even though wifi has become more and more common wherever someone goes, there is still no telling when I might actually hear from him. Therefore, I want passwor... read more