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Pilates-4-Virginia Beach

Pilates-4-Virginia Beach

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1940 Laskin Road, Suite 308
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
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Phone: (818) 219-3716

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Complimentary 30-minute pilates equipment training available to all new clients.  First class is free.  Introductory classes are always free.  

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Pilates is a full-body workout that incorporates spring-loaded equipment to facilitate muscular strength and endurance.  Utilizing the equipment provides the body with weight-bearing exercise and is beneficial for anyone looking to accomplish the following:

  • Tone and shape the muscles without creating bulk
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Create balance in the body which decreases the risk of injury during intense athletic training, for example IronMan Events
  • Improve core strength and stability with the added bonus of trimming down the waistline
  • Improve posture, which will help to prevent and / or alleviate some back discomfort
  • Decrease the risk of osteoporosis
  • Improve and enhance overall health and well-being





“Pilates-4-Pregnancy” available on Instant Video and DVD.

“Pilates-4-Pregnancy” was released in 2013.  It is designed for the expectant mother, who is not experiencing any complications with her pregnancy.  The 55-min DVD has 2 segments:  matwork without props and matwork using a variety of Stability Balls.

This clip from “Pilates-4-Pregnancy” features a single leg exercise, which focuses on strengthening the quadriceps, creating stability around the knee joint. In addition, core stability and shoulder stabilization are utilized to keep the exercise safe and effective.

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