How It All Started & Where We Are Now

MilitaryBridge is a free online resource that is military-owned and operated.  MB was created in 2012 while stationed in an area with high military concentration.  We realized there were many great businesses that wanted to reach the military community with their service and military discounts/appreciation offers but did not have a platform to do so.  We also realized there was not an online resource for military members and their families to learn about these great businesses, military discounts, and to help in the PCS process. There was a BIG DISCONNECT and that is why MilitaryBridge was created. To Bridge The Gap Between Local Military Communities and Local/National Businesses.

Since our launch, MilitaryBridge has evolved.  We launched our newly designed website in 2016 adding on several new features due to an important NEED we saw that wasn't being met for the military community.  We realized that the need to learn about great businesses and services was much deeper than just sharing their military discounts and appreciation offers.  Military members and families were asking recommendations/reviews on best businesses, services, places to live, schools in the area....looking for help in the entire PCS process.  

The PCS (Permanent Change of Station) process is very stressful. A majority of the stress is not knowing anything about your new military community from where to live to best schools to who to use for a dentist.  It's an overwhelming process and one that is often experienced every 3 years by active duty military and their families.

Sure, there are many review websites out there and almost an overload of research that can be done online.  However, there is not a resource tailored specific to the military community to tie all this together on one platform.  Well, now there is.  

MilitaryBridge has added on several new features to continue our mission in sharing great businesses, services, military discounts, military appreciation offers, military appreciation events, military related non-profits, military programs, military bloggers, and now trusted and honest reviews for military by military.

Military members and families want to get acclamated as soon as possible to their new military community and it has become our mission to help them.  But, we can't do it without your help too! This is a joint effort.  We provide the platform, we help grow the military communities by adding on great businesses/services/places to live/schools, etc. but we need YOU to help by leaving a review or recommending a business/service that has treated you well that needs to be a part of MilitaryBridge.

This in return helps other military members/families moving to the area learn about great businesses/services in their new military community.  

This website is intended for ALL MILITARY to include Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retired, Veterans and their Families.  Whether you are PCSing to a new military community, looking for a fantastic military discount, or just want to help out your fellow military community by leaving a review or recommendation we are GLAD YOU ARE HERE!

 JOIN THE MILITARYBRIDGE COMMUNITY TODAY! Help Spread the Word to others about MilitaryBridge and as always let us know how we can continue to improve as a resource.  We are all in this military journey together.

Our Commitment To The MilitaryBridge Community:

  • WE DON'T ALLOW JUST ANY BUSINESS TO BE A PART OF MILITARYBRIDGE: We are different than your typical business directory website.  Where most business listing websites allow any business to be a part of their list, good or bad, MB does not!  Before a business is allowed to have a page on MB, they are first reviewed for approval.  We take this very serious and we do our best to ensure quality businesses are a part of our community.  Both our free and promoted business listings must meet our standards which include great reviews from other review sites or come highly recommended from a member of the military community. To continue the integrity of our online resource not all businesses are a fit for MB.  The military community is our TOP PRIORITY!
  • MB does not alter or delete any of the REVIEWS that are left.  However, if there is a review that is reported and we deem it to be defamatory or out of line, we will delete it.   Please be respectful in leaving a review.  If you had a bad experience, let the military community know about it but please keep it productive.
  • We Listen!  If there is a need that isn't being met or you have a suggestion on how we can make MilitaryBridge a better resource please contact us.  That is how we continue to grow and improve.

Thank you for being a part of The MB Community!