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MilitaryBridge was founded for one reason: to bridge the gap between the military community and local/national businesses. Many businesses in the local area provide our military with outstanding service and/or military discounts. Our job at MilitaryBridge is to provide an online platform to connect your business with the military community who are unaware of the great service and/or military discounts/offers you provide.

MilitaryBridge offers both Free Business Listings and Promoted Business Listings. MilitaryBridge is different from all the other Business Listing Directories....we don't just allow any business to be a part of our community.  At MB, we have a loyalty to our military followers and it would be a dis-service to allow businesses that don't have good reviews or are targeting the military community for the wrong reasons.  

Therefore, both our free and promoted business listings must meet our standards which include great reviews from other review sites or come highly recommended from a member of the military community. To continue the integrity of our online resource not all businesses are a fit for MB.  

There are several benefits to being a part of The MilitaryBridge Community as a business owner:

  • Military Niche Market: The military segment is an increasingly popular niche market.  The military segment includes active duty, reserve, guard, dependents, retired and veterans.  This segment consists of approximately 25 million when including active duty military and veterans.

 The military segment is unique from all other markets because they experience frequent PCS moves (Permanent Change of Stations), have more stable & higher incomes than other markets (active military family income is twice the U.S. average and much more recession proof), typically have higher education levels, and are a part of a tight knit military community that spans the entire country.

With frequent moves, comes the need for military members/families to start all over in finding a place to live, a school, services such as pediatrician, dentist, vet, plumber, etc. This opens the door for businesses to develop loyal consumers in the military community. 

Furthermore, in many of the studies we have researched, military members are more likely to make a purchase from a business that shows their appreciation to the military community via a military discount.  This also has a trickle down effect where audiences that are not military related also admire a company for it's military support via discount/appreciation offer and may also in turn make a purchase from that business.  It is very appreciated and admired when a business chooses to support the military community by offering a special discount or appreciation event/offer.  

  • REVIEWS:  Advertising your business with MilitaryBridge is unique in that we are one of the few online websites that allow you (the business owner) to grow your military specific reviews. Whether you are a company that likes reviews or not....the truth is reviews are here to stay and a valuable way to grow your business.  
  • Why choose MilitaryBridge versus another online review site?  There is a unspoken trust amongst the fellow military community.  The military community is a very tight knit community spread throughout the country. It is very valuable for the military community to have an online resource to get HONEST and TRUSTED recommendations and reviews from fellow military members/families who get military life, get frequent military moves, and get starting over with all the questions such as "Where do we live?", "What are the good schools?", "Who do we use for a vet, doctor, dentist, salon?" and the list goes on and on.

Being a part of MB, will help military members/families acclamate quicker and in a less stressful manner to their new military community by having this online resource at their finger tips.  To learn, research, and read reviews from fellow military members/families on best places to live, best schools, and best businesses/services in their new military town.

  • The Power of Reviews: As marketers, it is important to understand consumer usage and attitudes towards online reviews. The latest statistics and trends, which have been compressed into an infographic by Invesp, show that 90% of consumers read online reviews and 88% of them trust the online reviews as much as personal recommendations. In other words, more people read reviews as part of their pre-purchase research before buying a product or service. (Read More).  
  • Affordable and Effective Military Marketing:  If you are interested in connecting with the military community and sharing your business/services and/or military discounts/offers we would love to have your company on board MB!  Our marketing plans are affordable and effective in reaching your local/national military audience.  We understand that there are many niche markets and that marketing dollars are often tight.  We have always prided ourselves in being able to offer very affordable marketing to our partners.  We value the opportunity to have your business on board and the opportunity to share your services and/or military discounts to the military community.
  • Contact Us:  If you are intereseted in learning more about advertising with MilitaryBridge and setting up either a FREE LISTING or PROMOTED LISTING please contact us or fill out the requested information below to receive our MEDIA KIT.  

A MilitaryBridge representative will contact you shortly. We appreciate your interest in MilitaryBridge and we look forward to developing a long lasting relationship between your business and the military community.