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A military husband arranges the ultimate PCS and gets an amazing surprise himself!

11 November 2014 by

Great PCS STORY of a husband surprising his wife and getting a big surprise of his own. 

This is a heartwarming story brought to you from the Automated Referral Housing Network (AHRN) all will enjoy.  The story focuses on the challenges of PCSing.  With every PCS comes the same stresses such as where to live, will we rent or buy, packing up the furniture, moving the family, and so on. 

Once you finally get to your new duty station the next set of stresses occur such as unpacking your belongings and furniture, getting the family settled in a new community, making new friends, adjusting to a new school, and the list goes on. 

This story focuses on how a husband wanted to make this PCS a little less stressful for his wife and family by coordinating a BIG surprise which was 5 months in the making.  He embarked on this journey by enlisting the help of a special celebrity figure who was 100% in on making this a memorable surprise success for the family.  The best part is the husband got a BIG surprise of his own. 

You've got to see what happens and check out their story on the AHRN Blog.  It may give you some ideas of your own to make your next PCS a little less stressful.

Read the story and Watch the video on the AHRN blog by Clicking Here!




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