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4 Unusual Tips To Keep You Sane During Your Next PCS The Direction Diva

1 March 2017 by

4 Unusual Tips To Keep You Sane In Your Next PCS

Last week I shared how technology saved my sanity more than once during our recent PCS. I also shared that this PCS was so different from any of our other moves because the short notice prevented us from being able to schedule movers AND meet my soldiers report date.

At first it seemed like an impossible situation but as we sorted through so many different options we settled on a FULL DITY (aka Do it yourself). While I don’t know if its the perfect option for us it did have it’s perks – like the fact that I knew where everything was throughout the entire process!

The military surely gives us so many opportunities to broaden our skill set doesn’t it?

As you can imagine I learned a whole new set of coping skills and tips for balancing this crazy military life and now I get to share them with you. But before I do I just want to say that there are some awesome blog posts around the web that cover the various “How To’s” of a successful PCS. They share numerous perspectives like 50 Tips YOU NEED Before Your Next PCS )  or the “Prepare Yourself Early” version from Spousebuzz and the latest on Spouselink is the “Received Orders?” post. All with great logistical information – but I love to talk about the emotional stuff.

So I warn you that while my tips may be a bit unconventional, they also kept me sane throughout the entire process which was INSANE! (In case you missed it… we packed an entire house, loaded moving vehicles (2 – but that’s a story for another time), towed our cars and drove for 3 days only to sign for housing late on day 3 . OH did I forget to mention that we were completely unpacked (except for the garage/non-essentials) within 36 hours. Total move time 9 days from the filling of the first box).  So here we go with your

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Judy Davis, also known as The Direction Diva, is a motivational speaker, blogger, and author of Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down. She is an expert when it comes to helping Military Spouses move Beyond Logistics toward a better life.

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