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**Military Spouse Blogger Spotlight** Uplifting Anchor-Empowering Tales of Motherhood

11 April 2017 by

Military Bloggers We Love

We love sharing our fellow military bloggers.  Bloggers are such a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of military life.  Milspo Bloggers are a great resource for learning tips about PCSing, Deployment, Health & Wellness, Raising Military Kiddos, and Lifestyle Blogs.  We love their insight and passion for helping others by sharing their stories.

MB will be featuring Military Spouse Bloggers twice a month in effort to highlight their blog and topics shared.

This week's feature goes out to Uplifting Anchor-Empowering Tales of Motherhood.

Please take a minute to get to know Lindsay and her blog.  Give her a follow, you'll love her stories!

ABOUT Uplifting Anchor

Hello there! I am so happy you stopped by.  I’m Lindsay, the creator of Uplifting Anchor. I am a glass FULL of positivity. But I was not always that way. I have learned to choose and make happy happen in my life. I was doing that pretty well, and then we had a baby!

When I became a mother my whole world shifted. I felt my heart grow, as well as my fears, and it has been a scramble ever since to keep up with the changing times. During the first year with my daughter our family was challenged with a deployment. My husband had to go and I found a strength I never knew existed within me.

I learned the power of asking for help, I discovered patience, a strong love for coffee, and to take great care of myself. I am, after all, the Uplifting Anchor of our household.

If you are a mom and/or a military spouse- you are an Uplifting Anchor too. We are the balloon and the anchor. We keep our families grounded with the mundane everyday tasks that make our little world run. We also lift our families each day. I see you mama and my fellow military spouse. You work hard every day. This life feels both brilliant and tough. I want to tell you that you are ENOUGH.

Yes. You are enough.

Becoming a mother and a military spouse were the single most profound, confusing, amazing steps I have ever taken. I thought I could do it alone. I couldn’t. I can’t. I don’t want to. Do you? The best advice and tips I have received have come from other mothers and military spouses. They have looked into my eyes and told me I was doing great. Even when I felt like I wasn’t. Even when the day was a roller coaster of emotion and nothing got done. Even on the really good days where everything went pretty a-okay. We need encouragement.

Uplifting Anchor was built to connect, share, and encourage each other on our journeys.

You can read more about the Uplifting Anchor Mission HERE.

As for me, I am a lover of exceptional experiences and believe that there is the POSSIBILITY of ADVENTURE in every day. I love to travel. I love sand between my toes and sunshine on my face. Writing is my love language. Motherhood has made me kinder and more patient, especially to myself, and that is a tremendous blessing. I once was a dancer that took the stage from New York to Italy and even the rocking one of a cruise ship. I love great conversations and wearing aprons. The Lindsay pre-baby is still there, but I like Lindsay post-baby a lot more. She’s calmer, and generally takes life a lot slower and more intentionally.

I’m happy you’re here.


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