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Support the Military Community With These Gifts for Travelers

29 November 2018 by

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and you’re probably thinking about where to shop. Before you buy everything at the major retailers, check out these businesses owned and operated by members of the military community. You can find thoughtful gifts and great deals, all while supporting veterans and military families.

These companies offer a wide range of products, but in keeping with the spirit of Poppin’ Smoke, I’ve highlighted a few gift ideas for travelers. Even if you don’t buy anything from these retailers, please take the time to read their incredible stories and spread the word about their businesses!


The WILCO LIFE store in Anchorage, AK (photo courtesy of WILCO SUPPLY)

WILCO SUPPLY was founded by Amy Slinker, a member of the National Guard, to address a need she identified in the military community: bags and accessories that comply with military regulations. Since then, her business has grown into an online store and a showroom in Anchorage, Alaska.

You can find a wide range of military-compliant bags as well as many other fun and practical items for men and women. Travelers will love their line of anti-theft bags and wallets. toiletry kits, and tech devices.

Read more about WILCO SUPPLY’s story on their website.

Patriotic Online Marketplace (POMP USA)

Photo courtesy of POMP USA

POMP USA sells products made by service members, veterans, or their immediate family members. They offer a huge variety of goods ranging from apparel and accessories to bath products, home furnishings, and pet supplies.

A few gift ideas for travelers include the Apollo Solar Powered Backpack for outdoor enthusiasts, the Man-PACK® Classic 2.0 men’s travel bag, or one of the many cool phone cases.

Read more about their mission and how they got started on this page.

Sword & Plough

Photo courtesy of Sword & Plough/LifeFlip Media

Sword & Plough is a veteran-owned company that uses repurposed military surplus to make bags and accessories. They have many products that are perfect for travel, including durable backpacks, wallets, and travel kits. I recommend browsing their travel bags section for inspiring ideas.

Sword & Plough offers a 20% discount to members of the military community, including active duty, National Guard, reserve, veterans, retirees, spouses, and Gold Star family members. Read the inspiring story of how two sisters founded the company, and learn about the impact they are making in the military community!


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Hi, I’m Stephanie! In 2015 my husband retired from the Army and we took a year off to travel. I quit my job, and we set off on an adventure to break from our routine and explore the world. Military resources and Space A travel were a major part of our strategy for making our voyage affordable. The other part – immersing ourselves in the local economy – not only saved money, but gave us unique experiences we never would have shared if we followed the tourist circuit or stayed exclusively on military bases.

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