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The Art of Staying Busy

7 February 2018 by

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Dory’s sing-songy voice plays in my head daily at the moment. It doesn’t help that Vivienne is going through a fish phase and screams “Dory, DORY!” constantly, while wielding her mini mop like a samurai sword around the living room. That little fish is on to something; it’s something that so many of us need: to stay busy. At the moment, all I need to do is move, move, move.

She’s not messing around with that mop!

It was a whirlwind departure this time around. We knew it was coming, but we expected more notice. Things are not exactly fair in this lifestyle (I know, I know…military life). It just so happened that Danny left on the exact same day that school started back up for second semester, and we had less than twenty-four hours heads up. My tornado of back to school nerves collided with the hurricane of “please don’t leave again” feelings. It is so hard not be angry or bitter sometimes.

I have not stopped moving. Danny left ridiculously early. I ugly cried under the covers in bed (I told you I would), and then I dragged my sorry self up and got ready for work forty-five minutes later. It was the best decision I could have made. The amount of coffee I had that morning could have fueled the entire staff for the day. My new students probably thought that I was off my rocker, but we had some good laughs and got to know each other despite my caffeine jitters. I did not have time to think that “the countdown” was not even a full day in. Add in chasing Viv around the house to keep her distracted from a certain missing someone and before I knew it, bed time. One day down.


This is what I shoot for every day right now.  There has to be something to do.  Bonus points if it is something that is actually beneficial in some way (today I shampooed all of the carpets and washed all of the curtains after I went in to school on my day off).  

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