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Top 15 United Concordia Pediatric Dentists in Hampton Roads for Military Families

12 April 2018 by

With the recent changes to United Concordia many military families have been left with the task of finding a new dental provider. Many have been searching for recommendations on best dentists in their local area. We thought there was no better time to highlight some fantastic United Concordia Pediatric Dental Practices in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

We have polled our MilitaryBridge community and included some vetted MilitaryBridge partners to help you in your search of finding a great pediatric dentist. If you have found a great dentist that is not on the list that accepts UC, please feel free to add them in the comments below!

Here is MilitaryBridge's Top Fifteen List of United Concordia Military Pediatric Dental Providers in Hampton Roads

(1) Hampton Roads Pediatric Dentistry (Peninsula & Southside) *Vetted MB Partner* 

Benefits: Eight locations throughout the peninsula and southside area of Hampton Roads.  They do accept United Concordia.  They love serving their military families and are committed to doing so.  The dentists are fantastic and wonderful with the children. 

5 STAR REVIEW: Love this practice, my kids have been going for five years. No complaints.

5 STAR REVIEW: We started seeing Dr. Bobby when our daughter was 5 years old. She was terrified of the dentist and I always dreaded appointments when I would bring her to my dentist (a non-pediatric dentist). Since the first time I brought her to HR Pediatric Dentist she didn't scream and cry. The practice is decorated with kids in mind. The staff is extremely friendly and great at working with children. We have been going to HR Pediatric Dentistry for 6 years now and we couldn't be happier. They have turned what started out as a not so good dental experience at my dentist to a very positive experience at their pediatric practice. I would highly recommend them to anyone.... we have also seen the other dentists in the practice to include Dr Behl (ortho) and they all are wonderful.

The dentists include Dr. Bobby Garofalis, Dr. Darchelle Braxton, Dr. Alexandra Katsantoni, Dr. Chikara Saunders-Fiddermon, Dr. Steve Bullock, Dr. J.B. Martin, Dr. Richard Pugliese, Dr. Christi Wengler, Dr. Luis Arango

Their partner Orthodontist is Dr. Behl at Behl Orthodontics with locations on both the peninsula and southside.  

Learn more about Peninsula Locations
Learn more about Southside Locations

(2) Konikoff Kids (Southside) 

Benefits: Konikoff Kids comes highly recommended among the military community.  Their practice is located in Virginia Beach. 

5 STAR REVIEW: I took my daughter at 13 months. They were so patient with her as she's a bit uneasy with strangers.

5 STAR REVIEW: I second Konikoff Kids! I wish I could go there too. Bright colors/Disney theme everywhere creating such a relaxed atmosphere for the kids. The staff and dentist are so patient and great at explaining things to the parents every step of the way.  

The dentists include Dr. Amy Namsupak and Dr. Vanessa Hofilena.

Learn more about Konikoff Kids HERE.

(3) All Kids Dental of Suffolk (Southside)

5 STAR REVIEW: Dr. Joe is amazing. The staff is Wonderful. Everyone is so nice. It’s a new practice. Dr. Joe was at a previous office when we starting see him. Then he left to start own practice and we followed.

All Kids Dental proudly accepts United Concordia. Dr. Joe is a pediatric dentist and loves what he does.  Learn more about All Kids Dental of Suffolk and check out their services and reviews HERE.

(4) Oceans of Smiles (Peninsula)

This practice comes highly recommended among the military community. The Dentist is Dr. Huie (He is highly recommended!).  Oceans of Smiles has locations in Newport News and Gloucester. You can learn more about Oceans of Smiles HERE!  Oceans of Smiles also offers Orthodontics.  You can learn more about their team HERE.

(5) Good Neighbor Dental (Peninsula & Southside)

Benefits: they will see the entire family!  They also have 4 locations to include both the peninsula and southside (Virginia Beach (2), Chesapeake, Newport News).   They love serving their military families and are in-network with United Concordia.  The dentists include Dr. Amr Sheta, Su McNeil, Krystie Niver and Tina Lefta.  Good Neighbor Dental won the Daily Press Choice Awards in 2016. You can learn more about their practice, locations and reviews HERE.

(6) Children's Dentistry & Orthodontics-We Make Smiles (Southside)
This practice has four locations on the southside in Virginia Beach (3) and Chesapeake.  They do accept United Concordia and love serving military kiddos.  They also offer Orthodontics.  The dentists are Dr. Mark Levin, Dr. John Barney, Dr. Michael Hasty, Dr. Scott Rosenblum, Dr. Brittany Wright. You can learn more about their practice, locations, services, orthodontics HERE!

(7) Cox Pediatric Dentistry (Southside)

They are located in Virginia Beach. Dr. Thomas Cox has been recommended several times in military spouse groups.  You can learn more about their practice and services HERE.

(8) Partners in Dental Health (Southside)

This practice has great reviews and they accept United Concordia.  They see both adult and pediatrics.  The dentists are Dr. Dean Kent, Dr. Mathew Kent, Dr. Keenan Davis, Dr. John Kent, Dr. Kevin Leong. They have 3 locations in Virginia Beach.  You can learn more about their practice, services and reviews HERE.

(9) Tidal Smiles Pediatric Dentistry (Southside)

Recommended in Military Spouse groups.  Great reviews on Google.  They are located in Chesapeake.  The dentists include Dr. Luke Winter and Dr. Gaile Plauka.  You can learn more about their practice HERE.

(10) Gentle Dental (Southside)

From Gentle Dental: At the Gentle Dental Center, we are proud to serve a loyal base of military patients in both of our Virginia Beach, VA locations. Accordingly, we are pleased to say we have made the decision to continue offering a full range of services to our Military Dependents who are enrolled in TRICARE Dental Insurance.

Gentle Dental will see the entire family which is awesome. The dentists include Dr. Christopher Hooper, Dr. Anthony Martin, Dr. David Groy. Learn more about their practice, services, locations HERE.

(11) Caring for Kids & Parents (Peninsula)

Good reviews and accepts United Concordia.  Learn more about the dentists Dr. Pamela McDonald and Dr. Walt Wexel.  They can treat both adults and children along with orthodontics services. Learn more about their services and location HERE.

(12) Peninsula Dental Care (Peninsula)

They have excellent reviews and serve both adult and children.  They also are proud to accept United Concordia military insurance.  Their dentists are Dr. Heather Pham and Dr. Sidney Becker.  They are conveniently located in Newport News.  You can learn more about their services, location and practice HERE

(13) Tidewater Family Dentistry (Peninsula)

Another practice option that will see both adult and children.  They also have rave reviews and a convenient location in Newport News.  The practice is run by dentist Dr. OwenLearn more about their practice, services and location HERE

(14) Eastern Virginia Pediatric Dentistry (Southside)

Located in Norfolk.  Dr. Morgan comes highly recommended.  They also accept United Concordia.  You can learn more about their services, location and practice HERE

(15) Pediatric Dental Specialists (Peninsula)

Serving the Williamsburg area specializing in pediatrics.  The dentist is Dr. GrahamYou can learn more about their practice, services and location HERE

We know that there has been a lot of frustration over the changes to United Concordia. We see military members and families asking constantly for recommendations on best dentists both pediatric and adult in their military communities.

If you have found a great UC dentist please take 30 seconds and recommend them on MilitaryBridge along with your rating/review. We are all in this military life together, let's help one another out. CLICK HERE

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