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It’s no secret! Human Resources offices in companies everywhere run the other way when they hear “Military Spouse”. Spouses of Service members have everything from gaps in employment to complete changes in career path. We may have worked at Starbucks one year and as a bank teller the next.

Our resumes for sure leave companies dizzy, confused and even scratching their heads. Even if we are qualified by educational standards, our resumes are being tossed to the side as soon as they land on HR’s desks…they avoid us like a plague. Despite most recent efforts in Military Spouse Employment, Military spouses are still under-employed by between 12% and 25% according to Senator Tim Kaine. As a proud Military Spouse, I know that this is a huge mistake and something must soon change.

Military Spouses are a force to be reckoned with and we’re the ones that companies should want on their team. Here are 9 Reasons Why Military Spouses Should Be Over-Employed!


Military spouses have skills for days and one of them is multitasking. We are the backbone of the Military family and most days are filled with requirements of doing multiple things at once. Military Spouses are parents who tend to our kid’s needs, we make sure that our service members are squared away. We often give our hearts and souls to volunteer work in the Military community, we run FRGs. Late in the night instead of sleeping, we stay awake to perfect business plans while making lunches and doing laundry. We juggle it ALL!


If there’s one thing a Military Spouse knows how to do, its support our service members. Military Spouses are willing to go the extra mile and take on the extra tasks to ensure that our service members are able to serve at their best. We are front and center during the long and hard days, for every award, for every high and low and are ready to uplift and encourage them during the hard and long see- you- laters. What company wouldn’t want that kind of support on their team?


Military Spouses are like the Kings and Queens of adaptation. We know that every 18 months to thee years, we will pack up our homes, families and careers and ship off to somewhere new. With strength and understanding, we pick up all the pieces and begin our lives again. We rise to the occasion of change and thrive under pressure. Companies need Military Spouses because change and adaptation is in our DNA. At all times, we are ready to try something new and shake things up for growth and elevation…which could be to the benefit of companies.


About the Author

Sierra Redmond is the 22 year old Mom and Army Wife behind The Daily Impressions Lifestyle Blog. The Daily Impressions was created in 2017 to encourage the building of stronger family units through travel and experiences. Sierra went to college for Broadcast Journalism TV/Radio and Media and was set on being a correspondent. In 2014, she married her high school sweetheart turned US Army soldier and knew that it would change her life.

After getting married and moving to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo she realized how impossible it was going to be to work in media the way that she intended...That’s when she discovered blogging. She found a fulfilling career that allowed her to support her husband's career and be a stay at home mom to her son. She hopes that her website encourages military families to travel more often, draw closer together to build strong families and make the most out of their military experiences. She is currently serving as the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year base winner for USAG Miami and uses her platform to show Military wives everywhere that they can live their best lives. 



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