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Grace For Vets~Free Car Washes For Veterans On Veterans Day. Over 2 million FREE Car Washes Were Given To Date!

26 October 2019 by

Last year it is estimated that 264,759 FREE CAR WASHES Were Given To Veterans & Military Service Personnel.  Over 2 million FREE car washes were given to date!

Grace For Vets is an organization that honors those who have served or are currently serving their country. This international program unites the car wash industry each year on November 11 to provide a FREE Car Wash for all veterans and service personnel. The program was founded in 2004 by a single car wash operator in Lancaster County, PA, and has grown to over 3,200 locations in four countries.  
You can find participating washes in your area and click on the "Participating" tab. You can also find us on facebook. If a car wash in your town is registered please visit them on November 11 to take advantage of this program. If your preferred wash is not participating, let them know where they can find out more about the program, or tell us and we will contact them for you. You can help us build momentum in this program by spreading the word in your community. If enough vets inquire about the program, non-participating washes will jump on the bandwagon.
...and THANK YOU!
Every year, throughout the year, and especially on November 11th, the Grace For Vets program says “THANK YOU” to all veterans and current service personnel for your unselfish sacrifices to protect our country and our way of life. A million thanks is not enough, but we’ll keep saying “THANKS” to show you the car wash industry’s continuing appreciation of the efforts made to keep us safe.


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