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Everyone loves to travel to new places and experience new things but no one loves the costs associated with it. Let’s face it, traveling with a family can add up quickly and as Military families, we don’t tend to have a whole bunch of disposable income laying around. Accommodation costs have the power to eat up the majority of a travel budget quickly, leaving little room for things like entertainment and activities …aka the things that actually make the trip worthwhile. We’ve come up with a few Military travel discounts and ways that Military families can save BIG MONEY on travel accommodations. After all, the less you spend on your stay, the more you can see and do!

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Military families everywhere are losing a ton of money on travel by not using their resources and discounts.  The following are ways that military families can save BIG MONEY on travel accommodations.
Picture provided by Military CrashPad
Military Crashpads are a for the Military by the Military alternative to Air BnB. In 2013, Johnny Cruz Buckingham (A Veteran Pilot) came up with an amazing idea to purchase properties in multiple cities and make them available to service members of all branches and their family members specifically during Military family travel, TDY and PCS moves. To read his full story click HERE!

This innovative idea, is a cheaper alternative to booking a traditional hotel and it also comes with a ton of amenities and services making your Crash Pad stay feel just like home. Military Crash Pads are suitable for single soldiers but can also accommodate families in large numbers comfortably. Military Crash Pads are super attractive because of the amenities that can be found in the TDY extended stay properties. Some locations come complete with Maid Services, Game and Entertainment systems, a FREE catered chef (location dependent), Free Lyft Credits and much MORE (For a complete list of amenities click HERE).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sierra Redmond is the 22 year old Mom and Army Wife behind The Daily Impressions Lifestyle Blog. The Daily Impressions was created in 2017 to encourage the building of stronger family units through travel and experiences. Sierra went to college for Broadcast Journalism TV/Radio and Media and was set on being a correspondent. In 2014, she married her high school sweetheart turned US Army soldier and knew that it would change her life.

After getting married and moving to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo she realized how impossible it was going to be to work in media the way that she intended...That’s when she discovered blogging. She found a fulfilling career that allowed her to support her husband's career and be a stay at home mom to her son. She hopes that her website encourages military families to travel more often, draw closer together to build strong families and make the most out of their military experiences. She is currently serving as the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year base winner for USAG Miami and uses her platform to show Military wives everywhere that they can live their best lives. 


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