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GelPro - the Anti-Fatigue Mat Company Loves to Show Support of the Military Community by Providing a Relaxing Resting Spot and 25% Military Discount!

21 April 2020 by

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GelPro. All opinions are my own.

Like most military families, our life is busy.  My husband and I both work full-time with two beautiful children.  Our days are filled with work, after school activities, sports, homework and duties around the house.  Our routine is, shall I say, routine.....at the end of a long day it's time for homework and dinner. 

The kids will sit at the kitchen table as I prepare dinner, being available for any questions they may have.  When I got the opportunity to do a review on GelPro anti-fatigue mats on my website MilitaryBridge.com, I was very excited. 

I'm generally on my feet all day long and the thought of standing on the cold kitchen tile floor preparing dinner on my thin kitchen mat which is more there for decoration than purpose, is not my first choice.  A GelPro mat might be the answer to relaxing my aching back and feet at the end of a long day, which in return, would make my dinner routine a lot more enjoyable.  

Let's dig into the details of GelPro mats and what makes them so amazing for your legs and feet to stand on.

My GelPro mat arrived and I was immediately amazed by how heavy the mat was.  The quality of the product was obvious from the get-go.  I must admit, I was really excited to get the mat down on the floor to test it out. I laid the mat down in front of the kitchen sink and happily moved my thin decorative mat to the side.  I love the pattern!  I selected the GelPro Elite Decorator Collection Evergreen **Festive Pine Color** sized 20X36. 

It was a very difficult choice as one of the cool things about GelPro is the number of pattern and color choices you have.  From solids, to coastal, to farmhouse, the choices are abundant.  I was very impressed with the quality and beauty of the mat.  It looks great as you can see below.  Now I have a kitchen mat that is decorative with purpose.

Now, let's talk quality and comfort.

As soon as I stepped onto the GelPro mat, I felt like I was on a cloud, no kidding.  An instant smile came to my face as I told the kiddos, "mommy is going to like this".  It's hard to explain just how something as simple as a mat on your kitchen floor can make you feel so much better.  I guess the reason being is it is not a simple mat, there is a lot of science behind the design. 

What makes the GelPro the world's most comfortable floor mat? 

GelPro Elite provides the most advanced comfort technology available for tired, hurting feet. GelPro EliteTM is 50% thicker than GelPro Classic with a ¾" thick Dual Comfort Core of their proprietary gel and energy-return foam. This revolutionary anti-fatigue mat offers maximum support and plush comfort so you can actually stand for extended periods of time without experiencing discomfort and fatigue.

The GelPro Elite Comfort Mat features reinforced beveled edges, a slip-resistant bottom and a stain-resistant top surface constructed with non-toxic polyurethane. Their anti-fatigue mats are the ideal solution for those who suffer from back, hip, leg or foot discomfort or anyone who wants to enjoy what they do while standing on hard flooring.  

GelPro comes in six different collections all with unique features for the home.  FYI, GelPro has a line for Work too. 

I am in love with this mat. I've only had the mat for one week and I am wishing my entire home was made of one big GelPro mat.  It definitely has made a difference in the soreness I often get in my calves and the aching I have in my back after a long day on my feet.  The only thing I would have done different is gotten a bigger mat so it covered a little bit more of my kitchen work space. I will more than likely move this kitchen mat into my laundry room and get a bigger mat for my kitchen. 

Last, let's talk about GelPro's Commitment to Honoring the Military Community with a Fantastic Military Discount

Gelpro is proud to offer a 25% military discount off any order at checkout. This offer is valid for active duty, reserve/guard, veteran/retiree and their dependents. This offer may not be combined with any other offers. 

Final Thoughts

It is not too often that I come across a product that I say to myself, now why didn't I buy one of these years ago.  The GelPro mat is one of those products for me.  I have spent countless dollars on thin kitchen floor mats that last maybe 6 months before they stain or tear.  They provide no comfort or warmth to my feet or back.  This GelPro mat has been a huge plus for me. My feet, back and legs feel so much better at the end of the day making our routine much more enjoyable.  Like my 5-star review, there is a reason GelPro has the amazing following and impressive reviews over the years.   It works and it's made in the USA, which I love!

I also am always excited to share great companies that love to show their support of the military community in offering a military discount.  So, if you are like me and your feet and back are sore at the end of a long day.....do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a GelPro anti-fatigue mat.  

Disclaimer:  MB participates in affiliate programs therefore these listings may contain affiliate links which means MB receives a commission when you purchase from some of the online retailers.

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