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MyMedic is Proud to Show their Support of Military Members Active Duty, Veterans & Dependents with up to a 25% Military Discount!

22 April 2020 by

Do you have a First Aid Kit?  Have you thought about purchasing a First Aid Kit? It is something that is often not thought about but when you need one, it could save your life.  It's important to have one in your car, boat and home at the very least.  It should be filled with more than just bandages and gauze.  Learn more about why the founders of MyMedic started this company below and it will be a quick reminder of why a First Aid Kit is so critical to own.

MyMedic sells the best quality First Aid Kits for all situations.  First aid kits that will actually save your life, not just band aids and gauze! MyMedic also offers a Lifetime Guarantee and Free Shipping On U.S. Orders Over $50.  You can also grab important essentials and supplies such as Ice Packs, Burn Jel, Bandages, Gauze and more!


In 2010 we lost a family member when a semi-truck made a left turn as they headed home. It took approximately 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive and our family member was gone minutes later. For years an insurance company, trucking empire, local government officials, and a judge-turned-truck-driver worked together to hide a mountain of corporate misbehavior. The truth was finally exposed. During the trial, we learned that another driver immediately stopped to help but didn't have the right tools: a First Aid Kit.

So what did we do next? We quit our jobs, moved our families to be close together and then we started a company that we think can make a difference.




MyMedic is proud to show their support of the military community in offering up to a 25% Military Discount Program available for active duty, veterans and dependents.  In order to receive your military discount, click the get this deal below, scroll to the bottom of the homepage to click Military Discount.    

Disclaimer:  MB participates in affiliate programs therefore these listings may contain affiliate links which means MB receives a commission when you purchase from some of the online retailers helping us continue to bring you awesome deals!

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