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Limited-Time Military Discount: TruthFinder helps military members & their families find & reconnect with fellow military

1 May 2022 by

One of my favorite aspects of military life is the people you meet along the way and the unique camaraderie that military life provides. I have always said that our military friends were like our second family. However, the challenge with life in the military is when these bonds are formed and then frequent military moves or multiple deployments result in losing touch. 

If you have friends or comrades that you would love to reconnect with but have struggled to find them, we are excited to share a great service with a proven track record that can help. 

TruthFinder can help military personnel, their families, and veterans find and reconnect with those they have shared an important part of their lives with in the military.


TruthFinder is easy to use. By simply entering a first and last name, TruthFinder scans millions of records to provide contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and house addresses allowing users to quickly reconnect with former military buddies.

Did you know that TruthFinder enables service personnel and their families to uncover information major search engines don’t?

Scanning hundreds of millions of public records, social channels, and more, TruthFinder provides a detailed report that can help those looking to reunite with their former military buddies or service community.


TruthFinder is not only a great tool for reconnecting with fellow military, it also is used for social media accounts, criminal or traffic records, contact information, employment and education history and more. 

Here are some ways in which TruthFinder has been used here.


TruthFinder compiles millions of records from multiple sources.  The cost to do this is significant.  In order to provide high-quality information TruthFinder is not free.  However, TruthFinder strives to make their memberships as affordable as possible. 

TruthFinder offers both 1 month and 2 month memberships as detailed below.

1 Month Membership*
A standard, one-month subscription to TruthFinder is $28.05 per month (1 month recurring). 

This allows you to run unlimited standard background reports while you’re an active member. So, if you pull one report every day, you’d pay less than 99 cents per report! With TruthFinder, you can pull as many background reports as you want for one low price. Remember, all searches are confidential.

2 Month Membership*
TruthFinder also offers two-month subscriptions for those who are looking to keep the service a little longer. It is $23.28 per month/$46.56 billed every two months for unlimited standard background reports while you’re an active member.

*Your membership will automatically renew unless you cancel before the start of the next term.  You can cancel your subscription at anytime.  


You will be prompted to join and select membership options once you start a search.  You can choose a membership package that suits your needs and you can cancel anytime.

If you have been thinking about a long lost military friend or comrade and have tried multiple ways to reconnect, give TruthFinder a try.  TruthFinder has an A+ rating on BBB and has been a trusted resource with over 60,000 5-star reviews.  


In honor of Military Appreciation Month, TruthFinder is proud to offer a 10% Military Discount off your first month subscription.  

In order to receive this Military Appreciation Offer, enter this promo code at checkout: MB10  

*MB participates in affiliate programs which means we may earn a small commission when you make purchases from our links, helping us continue to bring you awesome military deals :)

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