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Praesidus is a veteran-driven watch brand that aims to recreate the timepieces worn by WWII heroes.

28 July 2022 by

Praesidus is a veteran-driven watch brand that aims to recreate the timepieces worn by WWII heroes.

Tom Rice & Vince Speranza are among the current war veterans Praesidus has collaborated with to create watches that celebrate and honor their incredible achievements.

Praesidus watches tell a story of courage, heroism, and patriotism that can be shared with generations to come. This is your opportunity to own a special piece of history and be a part of the story.   

The History

After the successful launch of our Tom Rice A-11 in 2019, Praesidus has continued their mission of working with veterans to share their legendary stories and experiences. This led us to Vince Speranza, a WWII veteran of the 101st Airborne Division.

Vince Speranza made a name for himself at the Battle of the Bulge as a machine-gunner, manning an M1919 30.cal in Bastogne. Created in honor of the fallen heroes and warriors who fought and resisted against all odds at the Battle of the Bulge, Praesidus is proud to present their A-11 Vince Speranza Special Edition Watch.

Backstory and design inspiration for the Vince Speranze A-11 Edition

Praesidus latest A-11 edition is inspired by the story of Vince Speranza, who reigned victorious in the Battle of the Bulge, using an M1919 browning 30.cal machine gun. Paying tribute to him and his weapon, Praesidus has integrated it into the watch, ensuring superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. The caseback features a replica of an M1919 bullet. Meanwhile, the strap comes in two options: the M1919 Barrel and the machine Gunner.

Technical details

The A-11 Vince Speranza Edition is available in 38mm with a 316L stainless steel case. Assembled in the USA, it is powered by Swiss/Japanese automatic movement and features double-domed curved sapphire glass for durability and scratch resistance. The dial features applied indexes and super luminova hands for legibility even in dim light situations. It is also water-resistant to 10 ATM.

The packaging is beautifully done and features a Humidor Box in reference to the Vince “Machine Gunner of Bastaogne” Speranza.

Who is it for?

The watch has received lots of love from vintage military watch collectors, adventurers, and EDC (everyday carry) enthusiasts. Priced less than a vintage A-11, it combines classic and modern elements, making it the perfect everyday outdoor watch both for tactical missions and extreme adventures.  

This beautifully crafted watch would make a fantastic gift for a military retirement, graduation, or birthday. These watches are not only made with superior craftsmanship but they tell a unique story of patriotism. 

About Battle of the Bulge

This is the greatest American combat in WWII. The allies managed to win over the German troops though their supplies and soldiers were insufficient. As the second bloodiest military campaign in US history, it was also considered the most significant in the Second World War.

How to buy the A-11 Vince Speranza Limited-Edition Watch--Special MilitaryBridge pricing!

The A-11 Vince Speranze watch is available for purchase on indiegogo.com and MilitaryBridge has a special military discount available for our followers. 

The price range of the watch is $275-$434 depending upon which features you select.  The prices listed on the links below reflects the special pricing available on MilitaryBridge.

This watch comes with a 2 year warranty.  Praesidus watches do ship from te USA.  Praesidus will start shipping the watches by August, 2022 for NH35 movement & September, 2022 for SWISS movement. 

Grab the Military Bridge Special for NH35 style: 
Grab the Military Bridge Special for the SWISS style:

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