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ThinOptics Military Discount Program: ThinOptics is the Worlds Thinnest Reading Glasses

24 April 2023 by

ThinOptics is saluting Militay with special savings!

What is ThinOptics?

The Worlds Thinnest Reading Glasses
At ThinOptics, the concept is simple enough -- since your smartphone is always with you, they set out to develop thin, comfortable reading glasses that fit on the back of your phone.

ThinOptics is an ultra-thin and innovative ways to carry your sunglasses, readers, and computer glasses.  ThinOptics is the world's thinnest glasses with shatterproof lenses. 

Never forget your glasses again, when you carry them on your phone, keys or wallet.

ThinOptics is perfect for the person who hates to carry heavy, conventional readers.  ThinOptics featherlight frames are so easy-to-carry, you may forget they're with you.

Product Line

ThinOptics Readers

Reading Glasses

Computer Glasses

ThinOptics Sunglasses


All active duty, reservists, National Guard, veteran, retiree, spouse, and dependents, can now receive a 25% military discount -- USE PROMO CODE: Military25 off their purchase of their favorite ThinOptics products. (Some exclusions may apply)

USE PROMO CODE: Military25

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