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HexClad Cookware salutes military with a 10% Military Discount on top of most sales! Shop the cookware Gordon Ramsay calls the Rolls Royce of Pans

14 September 2023 by

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I love to cook so finding quality cookware is extremely important to me.  Today, there are so many new innovative brands. Speaking from personal experience, I'm excited to share HexClad.  This brand touts innovation with military savings.  

HexClad Cookware is known as hybrid cookware which means the products combine high-quality stainless steel with PFOA-free non-stick. For the first time, you can use metal utensils on a non-stick pan and not have to worry about toxic scratches.  This is a huge plus for me!

I own the 6pc HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set with Lids and it is simply the best cookware I have ever owned. It is incredibly heavy duty and cooks to perfection. I also own the knife set and it is just beautiful craftsmanship. You can learn more about these products and what makes them awesome below.

Most everyone has heard of Gordon Ramsay, the international chef and restaurateur.  Gordon Ramsay tried the HexClad product line and was impressed which led to his partnering and advocating for the brand. 

Gordon Ramsay put HexClad cookware to the test and decided to become their partner. Now you can use what Gordon calls “the Rolls Royce of pans”.

“HexClad’s intriguing look and design, and its hybrid technology caught my eye about a year ago,” said Gordon Ramsay. “I use the pans at home, and the combination of stainless steel and non-stick functionality is amazing. It’s highly versatile and cooks exceptionally well. I’m excited to partner with the HexClad team as we expand the line of beautiful, high-quality products”.


HexClad's patented cookware design technology is unmatched in today's world of cooking. Simply put, it is the best cookware you can buy. So how does it work?

A well-seasoned HexClad pan will provide the cooking experience of stainless steel, non-stick and cast iron in a single pan.

Using a proprietary laser etching process, HexClad created their patented HexClad hexagon design on the cookware. This unique design creates a series of peaks and valleys.

  • The peaks are your stainless steel, which will give you that great golden-brown sear and also protect the pan against peeling and flaking.
  • In the valleys is the nonstick surface, which provides your pan with easy cleanup and the ability to cook with less butter, grease or oil.
    HexClad utilizes a tri-ply, clad style pan. We start with a layer of magnetic stainless steel. This way it not only works on gas and electric stoves but also on newer magnetic induction cooktops.
  • Next, we have a middle layer of aluminum, which acts as the heating element, providing the pan with nice, even heating. We then sandwich this aluminum layer between one more layer of steel.
  • In addition, HexClad is metal utensil safe, oven safe up to 500 degrees and dishwasher safe.


HexClad not only delivers when it comes to your pots and pans.  They also have several other products in their line such as this beautiful knife block and vacuum seal stainless steel mixing and storage bowls


HexClad is proud to show their appreciation of the military community in offering a 10% Military Discount program which is available on top of most sale items. 


This military discount is avaible to active duty, guard, reserves, retirees, veterans and their families. In order to receive your military discount, you will need to get verified by ID.me, a third-party verification company. Once you have verified your military status on the link below, the military discount will be automatically added in your checkout. 

Enjoy! Once you invest in HexClad, you will never want to use any other cookware!

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