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Read A Bedtime Story To Your Little One No Matter How Near or Far You Are

17 February 2019 by

Photo Courtesy of JustOneMoreStory.net

Every few years we tell our parents that we are moving. Moving further away and even though they are happy for us career-wise, a little piece of them is saddened about missing out on the grandkids growing up.

Our kids didn’t have the opportunity to spend the night with their grandparents whenever they wanted or hang out at their house all weekend. They also didn’t have the chance to cuddle up with their favorite book for grandma or papa to read to them.

One of my fondest memories as a kid is sitting with my granny and listening to her to read The Little Red Hen over and over. Yes, I asked her to read it every, single day. Multiple times a day. “Not I,” said the Cat.

Storytime was and still is the best time for kids. Having that special someone read to you and share the story in their unique way is oh so special.

Do you live far from your family? Maybe you travel a lot for work. Or perhaps you’re right down the street, but want to give that special little person in your life a gift of hearing YOUR voice reading their favorite story or two. If so, continue reading about an easy to use bedtime story app.

Just One More Story is a great way to share that special book with your special little one.

Our parents would’ve been all over the opportunity to record books for their grandbabies to hear. I think it’s also a great way to keep grandparents near and dear to kids’ hearts.

It’s also a great way to keep a sibling away at college connected with their younger siblings. And of course, for any parent who may be deployed or travels a lot for work. Giving the gift of storytime is greatly received from anyone in a child’s life.

Just One More Story is FREE to download from the iPhone App store (Andriod version coming soon). Each story costs $2.99, and you can customize your music and introduction. The customization is AWESOME! You can make the story your own. You already know, I love adding my flare to things. Just saying!

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