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A world leader in innovative, casual footwear, Crocs is dedicated to the future of comfort.Crocs original and most famous style, the Classic Clogs, are instantly recognized around the world. For those who have busy schedules and cannot find the time to shop in-store, Crocs has made it easy to take advantage of an exclusive military offer online. CROCS MILITARY DISCOUNT Crocs is a well-known brand that offers a wide variety of comfortable footwear for all ages and lifestyles. Now, they are giving back to those who have served. For a limited-time, military members can enjoy a 25% military disco... read more

As a member of the military or a military family, understanding the intricacies of benefits is crucial for financial stability and planning. One such benefit that plays a significant role in housing allowances is the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). Overview of BAH Rates The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a monthly allowance provided to eligible military personnel to offset the cost of housing when you do not receive government-provided housing. BAH rates are determined based on several factors, including location, rank, and dependency status. It's essential to have a clear understand... read more

Reebok deeply appreciates the sacrifice and service of our military personnel and their families. That's whythey're proud to offer a special military discount program that allows you to save 50% on your favorite shoes. It'stheir small way of saying "thank you" for your dedication and commitment. Benefits of the Reebok Military Discount With the Reebok military discount , you can enjoy access to their high-quality footwear at an incredibly affordable price. Whether you're looking for athletic shoes for training or comfortable sneakers for everyday wear,the Reebok military discount program is d... read more

360 Cookware stands out as revolutionary in the kitchenware industry offering a host of benefits that make cooking more efficient, healthier, and enjoyable. The 360 Cookware line is built with high-quality, American-made stainless steel. The ingenious vapor technology used in the design of these products means you can cook your food faster, at lower temperatures, while retaining more nutrients. One of the standout features of 360 Cookware is their versatile 'waterless' cooking method. This method saves you the trouble of utilizing copious amounts of water or oil, allowing for the natural juic... read more

The Pat Tillman Foundation's Mission The Pat Tillman Foundation invests in military veterans and their spouses through academic scholarships - building a diverse community of leaders committed to service to others. The Pat Tillman Foundation was established in 2004 following Pat's death while serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan. Scholarships awarded annually to veterans, active servicemembers and their spouses via the Tillman Scholars program. Every year, Pat Tillman Foundation receives thousands of applications from military veterans and their spouses nationwide. Up to 60 of... read more