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Verizon has a long history of support for military and veteran families through their special military discounts, partnerships with military & veteran organizations and commitment to employment opportunities. When it comes to staying connected, the quality of your network matters. It especially matters for military families that are relying on wireless connectivity in effort to stay connected to friends and family. Military families are often on the go whether it be the next TDY or PCS (Permanent Change of Station), your reception matters. It is great to know that Verizon is a leader in techn... read more

Nixplay is one of our favorite gifts for military families for the holidays. Our family has enjoyed our Nixplay for years now. In my opinion, there is no better way to stay connected to family and friends living miles part than through a Nixplay Digital Photo Frame! What is Nixplay you ask? Nixplay is a new age connected digital photo frame company. A Nixplay digital photo frame allows you to upload photos directly from Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, Dropbox, email and your mobile phone onto your frame. Nixplay is revolutionizing the way you manage, share and view your photos, giving you... read more

Grunt Style was founded by an Army Veteran back in 2009. The mission is simple, To be the leader instilling Pride in SELF, in our MILITARY, and in our COUNTRY. Grunt Style states that "You do not have to be a Veteran to wear Grunt Style, but you do have to love freedom, bacon, and whiskey." That is something we all can get behind. Grunt Style is more than a T-Shirt Company, with nearly 400 U.S. Veterans and Patriots, their mission is to deliver the highest quality, most Patriotic apparel on the planet, delivered straight to your door. Grunt Style provides more than just apparel; they bolster ... read more

Huge Savings from Mattress Firm this November, plus a Military Discount! *This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own* It is no secret, Mattress Firm understands the importance of a good night sleep, they have been the leader in the mattress industry for many years. Mattress Firm takes special pride in helping military members & their families sleep easier and more comfortable at night. Our military keeps our country safe at night helping us sleep easier, now Mattress Firm hopes to help our military sleep easier with a comfortable and affordable new mattress. Mattress Firm is e... read more

American Giant is a brand driven by one simple idea:MAKE THINGS BETTER, MAKE BETTER THINGS American Giant founders weredissatisfied with the quality of clothing from brands they once loved. Through their frustration and disappointment, American Giant was born with the mission to make durable, wearable, beautiful staples, made to last, made in the USA. I know that is something that we can all get behind! American Giant not only prides itself in producing high-quality clothing, made in the USA, they also, have a strong commitment to serving the military community. This commitment can be seen in... read more