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D.A.V Thrift Store MB | Partner

D.A.V Thrift Store

4209 W. Mercury Boulevard
Hampton, VA 23666
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Phone: (757) 838-8647

1937 S. Church Street
Smithfield, VA 23430
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Phone: (757) 365-9555

Military Discounts & Incentives

Wednesdays are Military Appreciation Days!

The eight DAV Thrift Stores in Hampton Roads will be offering all active duty and retired members of the Armed Services and their family members a 20% military discount on their purchases every Wednesday.

A valid military ID must be presented.

Service Offerings

Our Mission

Fulfilling our promises to the men and women who served.

The Disabled American Veteran’s Thrift Stores’ goal is to provide quality merchandise at excellent prices to our customers in a clean, inviting store, giving outstanding service, while providing our employees a healthy, rewarding work environment.

Monies Earned

The monies earned support the local DAV Chapters, which provide support to the Veterans Administration hospitals and its veteran support agencies, local social service agencies, and other community activities in the local Hampton Roads area. Visit www.dav.org to find local chapter offices and more info.


The DAV Stores are locally owned and operated by the Disabled American Veterans Combining Chapters Thrift Stores of Hampton Roads, VA Inc.

All Store Hours

  • Monday–Saturday 9am–8pm
  • Sunday 12pm–5pm

What We Sell

We put out thousands of items every day

  • Clothing
  • furniture
  • jewelry
  • bikes
  • kitchenware
  • pictures
  • books
  • cards
  • cds
  • movies
  • tvs
  • belts
  • ties
  • shoes

All upholstered furniture, mattresses, and box springs, etc. are sanitized by law.


There is hardly a price in this store that could be considered too high or too low. If the item is too low, buy it quickly. If the price is too high and no one else buys it, it will systematically be reduced. Please be patient.


The DAV Thrift Stores rely on your donations to be able to operate successfully and raise money for the Disabled American Veterans and other charitable causes. Check out our Donate page to find out how you can help.


User Reviews

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- Dav is bad

"Smithfield store"

REVIEWED on January 20, 2020

While we were shopping in there today they made an announcement that everyone in the store must stay with their kids and make sure they don’t run around. Well I looked around and saw I was the only person with kids in the store. I was standing and watching my kids pick out books. They weren’t being rowdy, loud or running around. Just calmly looking for new books to read. So I ask the person if that is an announcement they make every now and then or was that said for my kids? She said it’s an announcement they make when kids are in the store. I said my kids are just looking at books not acting up. She said I know but we just let people know. So since I felt singled out in front of the whole store I left. If a child is acting up I understand saying something to the parent, but just making an announcement to the whole store singling us out when we weren’t doing anything wrong is extremely rude and tactless.


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